How A Car Crazy Nut Can Help SMOKE Your Competition…And Grow Your Business Through The Roof!


Doing a burnout in my 84 Silverado.

Sales not as good as they could be, are they?

Of course they aren’t – there’s always room for growth.

You know they could be better but you’re too short on time to work on a new campaign or begin new projects. The boss is on your butt too much lately, but you know there’s nothing that’ll get him to ease up other than better sales.

A brilliant email campaign could be a great boost for sales, but you don’t have time to write them. Your current website could use some improvement or at least some updating, but who has time for that?

The Perfect Solution

So hire someone. Someone from the ‘outside’ that doesn’t have a boss down their throat, who can come in with a fresh perspective on an old project, or begin a new one. A copywriter who knows how to produce sales. Someone with experience in the automotive world would be perfect, since they can speak directly to your customers.

Where can you find this automotive-copywriting-phenomenon?

Right here

My name is Traci Benoit and I’m an automotive-aholic. From drag racing to custom trucks, from body work and paint to rebuilding engines and transmissions, I’ve done it all.

But the best part for you is that I’m also a killer copywriter. I write copy that compels, sells and gets results. Straight profit-making copywriting. I burn rubber and write sales letters and am passionate about both. I can speak directly to your customer because I am one.

Car people are a different breed. Talk to them about the most popular parts, how great your company is and other general chatter and they’ll glaze over. But mention how this specific part is going to make them the envy of the show, the winner of the race or the coolest guy on the scene and they’ll whip out their credit cards.

Real Automotive Experience Make a Difference in Your Marketing Results

Hire the wrong person, like a copywriter with little or no automotive experience, and you’ll end up paying dearly. You’ll either make dismal sales or end up having to hire someone to fix his mistakes. Or even worse, you’ll have to take the time to correct the problem copy yourself. What a waste.

Why I’m the go-to copywriter for your next project:

You’ll get…

· Copy that actually Sells…it speaks directly to your automotive customers
– just like old friends

· More targeted prospects…I know what your customers are searching for
– and what they pass up every time

· Quicker turnaround on projects…I won’t waste your time having to learn
the industry or your customers

· Guaranteed deliver on time, every time

Hand me the keys to your next project and I’ll return it to you shined up, detailed and ready for the show. But you’ve got to be quick if you want your project on my priority list. My schedule fills up fast and most marketers want their projects done ASAP.

Contact me today to grab a spot on my calendar before your project gets pushed to the backseat.