20 Reasons Your Site Is Losing Sales

20 Very Common Reasons Your Website May Be Losing Sales

Building or rebuilding an automotive website can be a major task. From the design, the words, the products, the marketing message, links and more, there are lots of things that must be included.

But your new site could be costing you more sales than it makes. Below are 20 common reasons why your website may be losing sales.

  1. There is lots of flash and moving graphics on your site. Anywhere on your site. This distracts visitors and forces many to click away from your site.
  2. Your website uses the same content as your print material. Internet marketing, including all the content on your site, should include keywords and phrases for search engine optimization.
  3. Your site is full of big talk, advertising-type language. Internet marketing is more relaxed and should have a lighter tone than most traditional advertising material.
  4. The website is full of your company’s awards, achievement and how long you’ve been in business. In reality, customers don’t care about this. They want to know how you can help them, not your achievements.
  5. Your site is cluttered and full of needless information just because that’s what similar companies have on their sites. Clutter is distracting and can lose customers.
People leave your site if it's hard to navigate.

People leave your site if it’s hard to navigate.

  1. The site is complicated, difficult to navigate and not optimized for mobile users. Make it easy for your customers to find things on your site on a computer, tablet or phone.
  2. Your designer has used several different designs on your site. This can be confusing. Keep the same design for each page on your site, creating a uniform look that lets the customer know he is still on the same site.
  3. Your site has a dark colored background with white or light colored text. This may stand out from the crowd, or be exactly what your competitors are doing, but it’s much harder to read and can cause customers to click away.
  4. You’ve got all of your site’s content in one or two long paragraphs. In Internet marketing, you must grab your customer’s attention quickly and hold it. It’s very easy for them to click away. Use short paragraphs, bold text, links, and bullet points for holding attention.
  5. Your site only comes up on page one of search engines only by typing in your exact business name. Almost no one will find your site this way. Your site must be keyword optimized to get customers from search engines.
Optimize your site for mobile users.

Optimize your site for mobile users.

  1. Your designer wrote the title and description tags for your site. Bad idea. Let a copywriter write the tags for a compelling message that includes keywords. This can be a huge help in your search engine results.
  2. You’ve used SEO software to write anything on your site. Very bad idea. Use a copywriter needs to do this for both marketing and search purposes.
  3. The text of your site is tiny. Doesn’t matter what you sell, your text needs to be readable and large enough so that everyone can clearly see your main message.
  4. You hired a designer to build your site and it’s sat for years or even several months without changing. Fresh content is what keeps your site at the top of the search engines and your customers coming back for more information.
  5. You aren’t tracking your results. Biggest mistake! You can do this for free in most cases. Know how many people are visiting your site, what keywords they used to find you, what links they used, how long they stay on your site, which pages they visit, etc. This information is invaluable.
Hire an automotive copywriter to create the perfect site for your business.

Hire an automotive copywriter to create the perfect site for your business.

  1. Your designer is the only one writing the material for your site. Do not assume your designer or tech developer knows anything about marketing your product or service. Hire a professional copywriter.
  2. You are in the process of building your site, or outsourcing it, and have a “coming soon” or “under construction” notice posted. It’s very easy to build a small, five page website with relevant, compelling information for your business. Don’t lose customers!
  3. You haven’t hired an Internet marketing copywriter to help develop content and search engine results for your website. This can help in several ways: help search engines find your pages and rank them higher and will turn visitors into sales or leads.
  4. You don’t have an opt-in form or box with a free, compelling offer in exchange for visitor’s email address. This is the best way to build your prospect list and have visitors more interested in your business.
  5. Your pictures don’t have captions. Captions not only explain the picture (which should be relevant to the copy on the page) but they can be compelling and full of keywords.
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