Reach Your Readers on Their Level

Use Your Prospect’s Language

Do you know how to speak to your audience? Does your copywriter speak to them without using hype, without alienating them and with using industry jargon they can relate to?


Don’t fill your ads or website with too much technical information about your products, or only use phrases certified mechanics would know, but use common information known by car people. The most important part to remember is to use a conversational tone. Speak to one person, like you would if you were having a one-on-one conversation in their garage.


Speaking to a broad audience works great for toothpaste ads because almost all of us have teeth at one point or another. Using broad, everyday language when trying to sell a car guy a limited slip differential won’t get great results. Yes, if your product is decent you will probably will make sales, but imagine the sales you could make if your ads spoke directly to that one guy, sitting in his garage after a drive where his rear end slid back forth at the start of a race.


Don’t you think if you spoke directly to him about your product that you’d get better results?


You’ve got a target market, but to really boost sales you need to take it down a level and zero in on one person. Who is your ideal prospect? Speak directly to him and you will connect on a deeper level, resulting in a genuine connection and more sales. Aiming your ads at one ideal prospect may sound silly when your products are purchased by many different people. The thing is, on some level, all your customers have something in common. Find out what that is and use it for your next marketing project.


If your sales don’t jump, you haven’t done enough research.


The best way to avoid hype is to genuinely connect with your prospect through research and respect. Think from your prospect’s point of view. Research who your customer is, dig deep, get into his head and find out what kind of person he is. This process will go a long way in greater customer loyalty and will result in many more sales. Don’t have time for that?


Hire an automotive copywriter who already understands your customers and knows how to reach them.


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